Nike Dunk Low | Black & White Dunks

The Nike Dunk Low is a big-colour sneaker that debuted as a basketball shoe before becoming a staple for everyday users and skaters. It has a simple design with a leather upper and rubber outsole. The Peter Moore-designed Nike Dunk Low "Black White," gives the classic model a simple two-tone colour scheme that highlights the shoe's sharp features and allows it to easily move from the game to the street. The black panelling contrasts with the white underlays to highlight the sneaker's design elements. A classic Dunk sole that matches the upper’s colour scheme finishes off this pair of shoes. This sole unit has Nike Air technology, which ensures comfort during each use. Make sure to upgrade your rotation by adding these vintage black and white Nike Dunks to your collection.

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FAQs about Nike Dunk Low | Black & White Dunks

The outsole tread design of the Dunk really borrows from the Jordan. However, it has been somewhat narrowed. It's also important to note that, in contrast to the Jordan, the Dunk lacks underfoot Air technology.

Due to some of the most important streetwear personalities, Dunks have become some of the most sought-after shoes in recent memory. Their vintage silhouettes and frequently straightforward hues go nicely with clothing, especially vintage graphic tee shirts. Additionally, the shoes are quite functional for regular usage. The Nike Dunk has grown to be the most popular style to wear the Swoosh.

The Nike Dunks range in price from £100 to £180, depending on the style, with special collaborations costing significantly more.

More comfort and added safety were considered when designing the Nike Dunk SB. The Nike Dunk and Nike SB Dunk have separate histories, and their designs differ. The insole is perhaps where these two diverge most. The insole of the Nike SB Dunk is thicker than that of the Nike Dunk.

Yes, they are incredibly comfy. However, in my opinion, the Nike SB Dunk is more comfortable. This shoe is ideal for short excursions lasting an hour or two, but it lacks the support of more recent Nike models for extended city strolls.

The cargo slack is the ideal pair of pants to wear with the Dunk, whether they are straight or curled at the ankle, loyal to their military origins, or given a more feminine twist. However, tapered, or slim jean silhouettes look great with Dunks.

Better yet, wear black, white, or simple socks if you are wearing a pair of multi-coloured Dunks. However, if your Dunks are straightforward, you can certainly be inventive.

With slouchier, straight-leg, or loose-fitting jeans, these sneakers look great. However, tapered, or slim jean silhouettes look great with Dunk high-top shoes. To achieve a contemporary street appearance, choose a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized sweatshirt, a bomber jacket, and Dunks.

Nike Dunks are susceptible to creases, which detracts from their appeal to Nike enthusiasts. Squatting causes your Dunks to wrinkle; walking also causes this. It's best if your shoe bends because if it doesn't bend at all, the leather is stiff and rigid.

For men's Nike Dunk Highs, cargos, sweatpants, skater shorts, or baggy jeans are the ideal coordinating pieces. The big puffer and loose-fitting pants give the entire ensemble a laid-back look that does not strive too hard to wow the women. It's vital to note that the different textiles cooperate smoothly and that the tones also highlight this.

Black and White Dunk Low

Nike Dunk Low

The Nike Dunk Low is a low-profile version of Nike's classic Dunk design by Peter Moore. Its beginnings may be traced all the way back to 1985 when twelve elite NCAA Division I basketball teams served as models.

Among the institutions whose logos were converted into the silhouette for the famous "Be True To Your School" Pack were the University of Michigan, UNLV, St. John's, University of Kentucky, Syracuse, and Villanova.

Why are they famous?

So, why are these simple basketball and skate shoes currently one of the biggest trends? A few are extant. Thrifting appears to have brought back the Dunk fad once more. Early in the 20th century, the sneakers went out of style and resurfaced in thrift stores or on the racks of Nike stores.

It would not be long until a famous person endorsed the shoes, catapulting them back into the public eye. Nike Dunks saw a decline in popularity in the 2010s, but they significantly recovered in the 2020s. Due to some of the most important streetwear personalities, Dunks have become some of the most sought-after shoes in recent memory.

Their vintage silhouettes and frequently straightforward hues go nicely with clothing, especially vintage graphic tee shirts. Additionally, the shoes are quite functional for regular usage. The Nike Dunk has grown to be the most popular style to wear the Swoosh. Each of their releases sells out quickly, frequently in a matter of minutes.

The features of the Nike Dunk Low:

Sizing and fit

Dunks are available in unisex sizes: All Nike Dunks, in general, run true to size. However, if you want a roomier fit or generally wear thick socks, go up 0.5 sizes. Those with average feet, on the other hand, should stick to their regular size for the most comfortable fit.


The Dunks are not Nike's most comfortable shoes, but they are still ideal for all-day use. Super comfy foam midsoles give responsive cushioning right where you need it.


Exact shoe specifications, such as the weight of a pair of Dunks (2.2 lbs.), are also printed on the canvas mid-panel.

Anti-Slip: Conforms to the foot

Fans of the Dunk brand who endorse these shoes and affirm that they are the perfect fit. It does not cause skin irritation. People who wear the camouflage version like how smooth the crushed leather panels feel.


With the Dunk Low Disrupt, Nike attempts to redesign the Dunk Low. The shoe boasts thick panelling and a platform stance to breathe fresh life into a timeless shape, making it suitable for summer and spring adventures.

How to style the Nike Dunk Low with clothes and accessories

Are you looking for styling advice for the Nike Dunk Low? Look nowhere else. Unlike some other shoes, Nike Dunk Low sneakers pair well with a variety of outfits. They are ideal for a range of occasions and events due to their versatility.

With Skirts

Skirts are a terrific way to wear women's Nike Dunk Low sneakers. Skirts are ideal for matching with dunks because, depending on the style, they might work well in specific scenarios. Skirts can be dressed up or down, but the wear is often for social events like weddings, parties, and get-togethers. Your Nike Dunk Lows may offer a superb combination of style and grace when worn with skirts.

With a Dress

Dunk Lows are also wearable with dresses for a fantastic, eye-catching appearance. Pick a garment that fits you well and a favourite colour to pair with your Nike dunks. For parties, weddings, and other informal occasions, dark-coloured gowns are ideal.

Styling Men's Nike Dunk Lows

The loose sweater and washed jeans give the look an almost-new grungy vibe. We all agree that the classic band T-shirt completes the casual yet well-thought-out ensemble. The Dunks' vivid blue upper unites everything and completes a fantastic Nike Dunk design. Most men own watches. If the belt is made of leather, match the watch strap. Metal straps, which should be gold or silver, are more formal than fabric straps. If possible, keep your watch basic, and avoid skeleton models unless they are of good quality and have a fascinating design.

With Shorts

Shorts are one of the most common outfit combinations for men's Nike Dunk Low sneakers. Shorts are ideal for hot weather and may be worn with many different types of footwear. Dunks may go with a pair of shorts regardless of whether you are going for a street stroll, on a beach, in a park for running, or just hanging out with friends.

Many amateur and professional athletes can be seen wearing Nike Dunk Lows with shorts while playing. Most basketball fans adore this attire.

With trousers

In addition to being cozy and breathable, pants are an excellent choice for expressing your personality stylistically. For walking, running, going to the gym, and simply going outside, people typically like to wear pants with dunks. We advise against wearing dunks with trousers to formal events like weddings as this look is more suited to everyday chores.

Styling Nike Dunk Lows with Jeans

What could be better than donning your go-to pair of classic denim with Nike Dunks? The Nike Dunk's straightforward design perfectly matches the rough texture of the denim, but keep in mind that the leg must be straight, and the volume must be delicate.

These shoes look fantastic with looser, straight-leg, or more relaxed-fitting jeans. Straight-leg jeans dressed up with a knit sweater, a leather jacket, and sneakers would be the perfect go-to ensemble for the Dunk lows. If you opt for a pair of bright shoes, keep the rest of your outfit neutral and earthy in hues.

Nike dunk’s popular colours

Off-white dunks

Off-white dunks are the picture of timeless adaptability. They complement practically every item in your closet and dress up casual clothing while de-stressing more formal attire. In the fall and winter, off-white shoes are okay.



With the Nike Dunk Low, you can stand out from the crowd. To depart from the traditional style of the sought-after Nike Dunks, the Nike Dunk Low, which is available in multi-layered hues, has sparked "craziness" among reviewers.