Festival Clothes & Rave Outfits Ideas 2023

Festival outfit ideas can be influenced by individual style, celebrities, fashion brands, or inspiration from archetypal festive looks from the 60s to date. You can decide to go full out to make a statement or not. After all, why not! There have been many festival cancellations in the past two years to choose basic. For the next festival you will be gracing, below are great festival clothes to consider.

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FAQs about Festival Clothes & Rave Outfits Ideas 2023

These are clothes worn as a way of expressing and celebrating art, glorious heritage, culture, and traditions.

With so much to offer for festival clothing, individual tastes take the day. Depending on your taste, below are the most popular outfits. ● Sunglasses ● Crop tops ● Bum bags ● Mini dresses ● Comfortable footwear ● Flowy top ● Bandana ● Combat boots ● Double denim ● Floral print shirts and dresses ● Sleeveless tops ● Long cardigans ● T-shirt and shorts ● Jackets - You shouldn't allow the above list to limit you. If it works for you, go for it!

Cute sleeveless, loose, or tight-fitting mini dresses are ideal. The detailing is specific to each person such as fringe, floral print, tulle, and metallic.

This is the list of popular shops to buy Coachella outfits ● Boohoo ● Asos ● Pretty little thing ● Nasty girl ● Forever 21 ● Amazon ● Revolve ● Lulu ● Misguided ● Shein ● Princess Polly ● Hello molly ● Stella ● Sabo skirts ● Showpo ● Beginning boutique ● Tiger is

There is a certain freedom in the rave culture. The environment is very positive in all aspects, including body positivity. This makes a lot of people feel free in expressing themselves.

The most popular men's festival outfits are: ● Loose-fitting pants or shorts ● Hawaiian shirts ● Flowy shirts ● Chunky sneakers. ● Tank tops ● Wellies ● Long-sleeved shirts ● T-shirts ● Vintage shirts, jackets, or pants ● Necklaces ● Bandana ● Bracelets ● Rings ● Sunglasses ● Casual comfortable shoes

Here is a list of trends festival-goers are embracing recently: ● Bucket hats ● Bold colours ● Headwear ● Pastel colours ● Earthy tones ● Chunky sneakers ● Combat boots ● Double denim ● Oversized tees

Rave parties are no place for rules. There’s no formality in your kind of clothing. Usually quite revealing, light clothes with very sparkly bright colours. Here are a few ideas: ● Tank tops ● Hats ● Swim trunk shorts ● Tie-dye shirts ● Hip scarfs ● Reflective crop tops ● Holographic bodysuit and fishnet tights ● Skater mini dress ● Backpack ● Rave sunglasses ● Bandana or a face mask ● Costumes ● Hoodie ● Reflective pants ● Sleeveless bodycon dress ● Hydration pack ● Short braces skirts ● Earplugs

Most British festivals don’t have a dress code, so feeling confident and being yourself are the most important considerations when considering what to wear to a festival.

Festival clothes

Festival Clothes & Rave Outfits Ideas 2022

With all the restrictions removed, the festivals are something to be excited about.

Of course, we cannot talk about festivals without mentioning festival clothes.

Considering the history of festivals in the UK we can conclude that festivalgoers’ outfits act as a way of expressing and celebrating art, glorious heritage, culture, and traditions.


However, there are no rigid rules when it comes to festival clothes. If you are not into fashion trends, look at it as if you are stepping out in your coolest outfit.

So, buckle up as we have broken down festival outfit ideas to inspire your choices for the most popular festivals of the year.

Festival Outfit Ideas

Glastonbury Festival


This is the most popular and famous music festival in the UK.

It took place from the 22nd to the 26th of June this year 2022.

Dance, comedy, theatre, music, circus, cabaret, and many other arts are featured in the music festival. With such a big festival, don't get carried away into carrying excess outfit options. You will most certainly have a hard time moving your stuff and end up not wearing them all. It's a no!

  • Peculiar is a style option for Glastonbury. Yes, so be bold and wild with the fashion pieces.
  • We are talking glitter on your hair, cheekbone, and body, feather shirts, dresses, and headwear.
  • This is the time to pull off that stylish cowboy or cowgirl outfit you have been doubting.
  • Double denim is a great option, accessories with fringe outerwear to make heads turn.
  • For the men a fringe bum bag, jacket or boots are your go-to.
  • Cute fringe dresses, boots, and jackets will work perfectly for the ladies.
  • Now don't overlook jeans and jumpers, they are great for the evenings when the temperature drops.
  • Poncho and wellies should be on your backpack because it will rain, and umbrellas are a no to any festival.

These tips are to inspire you to have many options, don't feel limited to exploring more.

Reading and Leeds Festival 

Reading and Leeds festival is scheduled for three days in August. The reading festival is the oldest of the two festivals.  They are largely known for amplifying rock and indie genres of music. This should be your inspiration to pull an indie rock fashion. It's the definition of independent and creative fashion.

  • A cropped cod jacket is not exactly an indie style but can pair well to create fashion. For instance, pair with bright colour pants and jewellery to create the look. It also complements cut-off shorts for a guy's outfit. A bucket hat and bum bag will elevate the look.
  • Pair cropped cardigans with high waist wide-legged jeans or pants and finish the look with combat boots or chunky sneakers. Sunglasses and jewellery will be your go-to accessory.
  • Bucket hats and sunglasses are the final touches you need to complete these outfits.
  • Short, ripped jeans, a rock band tee and boots together are an example of rock fashion. You can choose between knee-high lace boots and combat boots. 

Explore and play around with what will suit your style.

Creamfields Festival

The festival is recognised as the world's greatest electronic dance music, house, and grim festival. Happening in the fields of Daresbury, Cheshire from 25th to 28th August. 

Preferably, your outfit should be comfortable, casual but\or stylish for this event.

  • First to consider is comfortable footwear, stay away from boots with high heels.
  • Light fabric clothing will be okay even when it gets cold, you will be sweating from dancing a lot. Plus consider the heat from being stacked among thousands of people.
  • T-shirts and shorts will be super okay at a Creamfields festival without feeling dressed down. However, if wild is your option, express yourself. Go bold with neon mini-dresses and matching sunglasses. Wear glitter, headwear pieces and a lot of jewellery.
  • You should also consider kandi as part of your jewellery.
  • By now you have already guessed, yes accessories with a bum bag. It's practical and keeps you free as you dance.

Parklife 2022

The Manchester festival was held at Heaton Park 2022 from the weekend of 11th to the 12th of June. Expect music genres varying from hip-hop, house, rock, club, grime, and dance DJs.

We will advise you to lean more towards urban fashion at this city festival. It leaves space to individuate your fashion style.

  • Wear your denim shorts with fishnet tights and pair them with a variety of crop tops. Layer the outfit with light denim jackets. 
  • Neon reflective clothing is a great street style option. You can choose either a dungaree, jacket, pants, or shorts.
  • An all-black outfit with pastel hair is another cool option.
  • A great tip to consider is a mix of baggy and tight-fitting pieces. For example, a mini dress for the ladies and shorts for the guys with a baggy light jacket.
  • Jeans together with a t-shirt work well with accessories.
  • You will also stand out in the crowd with metallic clothing.

Boardmasters 2022

The festival is held at Watergates and Fistral beachattractst a lot of people. Live music at the water bay site and the surfing activities at Fistral beach. The festival begins on 10th to 14th August, Newquay.

  • Floral print dresses and shirts are a yes in an island festival. Cut-off shorts and Hawaiian shirts work for the men, and accessories with beach hats.
  • Wear oversized tees with fishnet tights. 
  • Sparkly bright colours are your go-to.
  • Pair print jumpsuits with sunglasses.
  • You can accessorise these outfits with shoulder bum bags and bead necklaces. 
  • Wear wide-legged nylon pants in bold bright colours like purple or neon with crop tops.
  • If you are comfortable, pair a bikini as outerwear together with a one-layer tulle skirt.
  • Stay prepared with a rain poncho when it rains.