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Clutch bags or evening bags are a unique family of handbags that are small to medium in size. Their smaller size compared to conventional handbags makes them practical as a fashion accessory and to carry throughout the day or night. Despite their small size compared to other bags, clutch bags are rather expensive due to their sense of fashion. In effect, expect a wide range of options in terms of colours, size, fabric, and brands available in the market. Particularly, blue clutch bags offer a sense of fashion that draws attention to your whole outfit for that dinner or business meeting. For example, blue clutch bags are available in round, rectangular, boxy, envelope, or oval shapes. There are distinct colour tones associated with blue clutch bags. You can go for a navy-blue clutch bag if you are looking for the versatility of the bag. The royal blue clutch bag is a lighter version of navy blue. This makes it brighter and more eye-drawing. When it comes to size, small clutch bags are ideal for carrying essentials only like phones, lipsticks, and wipes in evening events. Unlike other handbags, it is expected the carrier of clutch bags should have it around throughout the entirety of an event such as dinner. As such, small clutch bags with or without essentials inside are preferable. You can however go for bigger evening bags for everyday use. The small nature of clutch bags makes them flexible in the way you hold them. Ways you can hold your blue clutch bag include at the bottom or front, at the top or end, and at the wrist or under the arm. Below are the trending clutch bags available in 2022. Priceneer regularly updates the list to give the best offers and in-style clutch bags in the market. Happy shopping.

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FAQs about Blue Clutch Bags | Evening Bags 2022

Clutch bags are handbags used as an accessory, particularly for evening attire. A great clutch bag can both elevate and complement an outfit. However, the wrong clutch will detract from your elegance. Therefore, it is important to select this accessory wisely.

A clutch is a small to medium size bag that usually has no shoulder straps and is held with the hands. It is also known as an evening bag because of its luxurious fabrics and elaborate embellishments.

Don't be afraid to go for a fancier and glamorous clutch bag. To complement your gown, choose a clutch in the same fabric and colour. The size should be small enough to carry only necessary items and preferably a clutch that you can wear after the wedding. Get the value off your money by purchasing a versatile clutch bag you can use more than once.

A clutch bag has a solid frame that holds its structured shape, whereas a pouch bag has no frame, appears pillowy and has a drawstring at the top.

Yes, a clutch bag can have an adjustable or removable strap. This makes it a versatile bag that can be carried as a clutch or worn as a small crossbody or shoulder bag.

It is important to hold a clutch bag correctly to complement your look and lift your confidence rather than appear off-balance. Hold the clutch in front with both hands, at the bottom like a newspaper, at the end with a fastened grip, or at the top with the index finger for a flattering appearance.

It is not a hard and fast rule that the bag must match the shoes. The key to matching them is to combine contrasting colours with neutrals. Match your shoes' colour and details to your clutch bag. If you're wearing a neutral outfit, this will add a pop of contrast colour to it. Pair a simple colour clutch bag and shoes with a busy outfit for a sophisticated and dashing look. If the clutch is multicoloured or patterned, match the clutch's base colour to your shoes.

Evening Bags

Clutch Bags 2022 UK

As much as we love tote bags for their practicality, there are times when a clutch bag is the better option. With clutch bags 2022, expect high-quality and premium bags to inspire your evening nigh outs. There are medium to small-size clutches that may provide the needed relief from heavier backpacks and shoulder bags. This is particularly true of evening events. A clutch bag, also known as an evening bag, is a small bag that is usually made of luxurious fabric or/and has elaborate embroidery; most do not have shoulder straps.

Any evening outfit, as an unspoken rule, requires a stunning clutch to complete the look. Though unpopular, there are casual clutch bags.

Whether you are attending a casual or formal occasion a clutch bag might just be your new best friend. Pack in your wallet, keys, phone, and lipstick, or nothing at all, and you're ready to go.

The small size of a clutch bag helps to reduce bag clutter and allows you to carry only the essentials for a casual or formal event.

A great clutch bag provides more than just aesthetics, but also a quality material that guarantees durability. So, it should last you years or even decades. Clutches are a must-have accessory for every woman.

A short History of Clutch Bags

In the 1800s ladies were carrying a reticule for their essentials. A reticule is somewhat comparable to the clutch bag that is in use today. In the early part of the 20th century, however, it went out of fashion. During World War II, the clutch bag resurged. Rationing during the war meant that less material was available for the manufacturing of the bag. This attributes to its current small size.

After WWII, the clutch bag became a must-have fashion accessory for classy ladies. They were able to match the clutch fabric to their outfit. It then became popular as an outfit accessory in the 1930s and 1940s. The sleek handle-free design has become even more popular in recent years.

Types of clutch bags 2022

Clutch bags are available in rectangular, boxy, oval, and circle shapes. It is usually more opulent and glamorous than your everyday bag. Clutches are primarily used as evening bags. On the other hand, you might find clutch bags that are more casual. 

The following is a list of the various types of clutch bags:

Casual clutch bag

This is a popular casual clutch that embodies the spirit of every soft woman. It's a simple and sophisticated flat bag with a rectangular silhouette. It is a well-designed wallet-style appeal bag. This is perfect for everyday wear. It's a large clutch that can hold all your essentials.

Statement clutch bag

Get a statement clutch and you will be ready for any fancy party this year. Whether it's a box, ball, or even oval silhouette clutch, it will complement any evening outfit. These hard structured shape clutches are suitable for formal evening events and dressy occasions. They usually feature an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. This feature makes the bag versatile, as you can carry it as a clutch or wear it as a small crossbody or shoulder bag.

Envelope clutch bag

This bag is shaped like an envelope. It has a rectangular silhouette with a triangle flap in the front. An envelope clutch is a classic piece that is both simple and timeless.

They are capacious clutch bags that can be handheld or carried under the arm. It's the ultimate traditional piece for transitioning from day to night, from a business meeting to an evening event.

Essential Things to know about Clutch Bags 2022

Clutch bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. This can present a daunting task for first-time buyers. Before purchasing any bag, consider the practicality, frequency of use, budget, and style. This will keep you from wasting money on bags you won't use.

Size matters

For evening events, always opt for small clutch bags. Evening outfits look best with mini clutches. This is for carrying only the essentials, or even nothing at all. Such clutches are more likely to be statement pieces meant to stand out. On the other hand, oversized clutches are appropriate for everyday casual wear.

Remember that mini clutches only require the essentials. You do not want a small clutch that is so overstuffed that the zipper is practically ripping; this is not at all flattering.


When it comes to clutch bags, this is one of the most important aspects. A general rule of thumb is to choose a clutch colour that goes with most of your clothes. If most of your clothes are brightly coloured, you might want to pick clutch bags in neutral colours. This will enable you to wear the same bag with many different outfits.

If you have a wardrobe full of neutral colours, choose contrasting colours for your clutches.

Another way to narrow down your colour options is to select a colour that matches your personality or/and undertone. Choose a colour you love and one that flatters you in a timeless classic design.


The material of the clutch will determine its durability. Leather, for example, is a versatile bag material that is abrasion resistant with the right hides and thickness. A good leather clutch will last longer than a bad leather one. Invest in a high-quality clutch bag to get the most of your bucks.

Design and versatility

These two go together. The more complex the design, the less versatile the clutch, and vice versa. The bag's design and embellishments will determine where you can wear it. A one-colour clutch with a simple design is more versatile than a statement piece. You can wear such a clutch to work, on your errands, or even on a date. If you are more likely to attend formal events, a statement piece is a clutch to consider. Decide whether you want a simple design clutch for all occasions, or a statement clutch for specific events.


Get a clutch that maximises space if you want a more practical clutch. A clutch bag with zippers and space can fit your phone, wallet and other few essentials.

Set a budget

Clutch bags can range from long-lasting investment pieces to trendy season-specific clutches. Consider how frequently you intend to use those high-end clutches and their versatility. This is because they can be quite expensive.

How to Hold a Clutch Bag

Hold at the bottom - Hold the bag as if it were a newspaper. When you need to exchange greetings or dance, this is a more comfortable position.
Hold at the front - Hold it in front of you with both hands. This position can be uncomfortable, so switch to the side of your body frequently.
Hold at the end - Hold it at the end and fasten your grip because it can easily fall.
Hold at the top - Use your index finger to hold it at the top.
Hold the clutch under the arm - Hold oversized clutches under the arm. However, you should change this position from time to time because it can be unflattering.
Hold at the wrist - Wear the clutch around your wrist if it is a wristlet clutch. This relieves your hands and allows you to move them freely.

Popular Clutch Bags

Gold, white and silver are popular clutch bags, especially for dressy occasions. On the other hand, neutral colours are perfect for everyday minimalists such as the nude clutch bags.

Gold clutch bags

Gold instantly dresses up any outfit and goes with practically anything. You can get a high-quality gold clutch for a reasonable price. Good quality gold clutches will not tarnish and will last you a long time.

White clutch bags

White or other white family clutches provide a striking contrast to any outfit. It's ideal if you want to go for a contrasting bag.

Silver clutch bags

Silver clutches are also a stunning contrast colour for any subtle outfit. Gold and silver can both be used as accent colors. They brighten up any look.

Nude clutch bags

A nude clutch bag in whatever shade is always a safe bet as it is very simple. Make sure to pair it with rich hues outfits for contrast.

Black clutch bags

This is a good option for contrasting colours. Black clutches are a great piece for office, formal and business meetings.