Cookie Policy

To provide you with the best services and product comparison service in the UK, we must retain small amounts of information on your device. In our cookie policy, we describe the technologies we employ and their purposes.


This cookie policy relates to the use of local data storage and other similar technologies within the context of Priceneer i.e., when you use the Priceneer service at

What is local data storage, cookies, and related technologies?

Local storage of data refers to the storing of data locally on your device (such as a computer, mobile phone, or tablet) through your web browser. Local storage of data may include, for instance, your user settings, information on how you have used the Services, the browser you employ, which advertisements have been displayed to you, and how you have interacted with our partner websites.

Cookies are one form of local storing of data. A cookie is a little text file saved on your device that enables us to identify your browser. Cookies do not include direct identifiers like name, address, phone number, or social security number. For us to be able to identify users, it is necessary to integrate cookie data with other identifying information.

This page uses the term "local storage of data" to refer to cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, and other related technologies.

Why do we utilise local data storage on our website?

We utilise local data storage for the following reasons:

  1. To perform the fundamental functions of the Services

    In order to provide the fundamental features of the Services, we must utilise local data storage. These features include, among others, the storage of a user's prior searches and the adaptation of the Services to the user's technical environment.

  2. To evaluate and enhance the Services

    Using local data storage, we collect information on the traffic to and on the Services. Thus, we are able to recognise browsers, collect usage statistics, and determine which aspects of the Services are most appealing to our users. This information is converted into statistics for analysis with the goal of enhancing Priceneer, as well as other services supplied by our partners.

  3. To customise our Services, including advertisements

    We utilise local data storage in order to tailor the content of the Services to the interests of our users. This allows us to keep track of the products you've viewed and make educated guesses about what you might be interested in.

    This aim also encompasses our partners' use of local data storage on the Services to personalise advertisements. Through this kind of local data storage, we can determine how often you have viewed an advertisement, how much time has passed since you viewed the advertisement, and how you reacted after viewing the advertisement. The locally saved data allows us to create segments and target groups to optimise our and our partners' advertising targeting.

  4. To target advertisements and develop target groups for marketing

    We permit carefully selected third parties to use local storage of data on our users' devices for the purpose of targeting ads and generating target groups, allowing us and our partners to target adverts and marketing to our users. The use of local data storage for this purpose increases your likelihood of receiving appropriate online marketing. It occurs that third parties who set cookies on the devices of our users are also able to collect personal information.

Who else use local data storage on our websites?

We permit carefully chosen partners to utilise local data storage on the Services. In instances when third parties also access personal data for which we are the data controllers, we enter into particular agreements with them to ensure compliance with applicable laws. In our privacy policy, you can read more about how we and our partners process personal data.

How do I manage data stored locally?

You can either modify your web browser's settings or utilise one of the many apps designed to handle cookies. Your web browser's settings often display a list of all the cookies that have been stored, allowing you to inspect and, if desired, delete undesirable cookies. Typically, you have the option to accept cookies from websites you visit, or third parties linked with those websites. You can also ask to be informed whenever a new cookie is stored. Below is instruction on how to achieve this in several web browsers. Your web browser stores cookies in a special folder on your hard drive, allowing you to analyse their contents in greater depth.

You can also disable cookies to prevent Priceneer from collecting your browsing behaviour on